Concrete Sealing

At West Coast Sealing Solutions, we are proud to provide concrete sealing for your driveways, lanais, sidewalks and more! Whether you are having a beautiful new concrete driveway poured or have an existing one, it’s important that you protect and maintain your investment.  Sealing a concrete driveway can be compared to waxing your car, wearing sunscreen or spraying Scotchgard on your favorite shirt.  When properly sealed, your concrete will be protected from harmful elements such as fading from UV rays, dirt and debris, mold, oil stains and other long-term wear and tear.  Contact us today to get a quote on your concrete sealing project!

Benefits of Concrete Sealing

At West Coast Sealing Solutions we use the best of the best when it comes to sealing products. Our State Of The Art sealer will enhance and protect your new or existing driveway.  Whether your driveway is gray concrete, colored concrete or has a stamped pattern, you can enjoy it’s rich color and glossy sheen once properly sealed.  For colored concrete driveways, a sealer will help prevent efflorescence, which is a white powdery residue that can form on the surface. Slip resistant sealers are also available. Let West Coast Sealing Solutions take care of ALL the dirty work, and bring all of your cleaning and sealing problems to an end.


Stain Protection

Many different things can leave unsightly stains on the surface – leaves, dirt, fertilizer, oil, tire tracks and much more. Our sealing products will keep all of the above from penetrating the surface of the concrete and leaving an unsightly stain.


Fading Protection

Your concrete is constantly exposed to heat and harmful sun rays which can cause fading and damage overtime. Not only is this harmful for the lifetime of your concrete but it can also cause the appearance to become dull or faded.


Mold Protection

Unsealed concrete is vulnerable to mold and algae growth because there are open pores which can trap moisture. This trapped moisture, along with natural outdoor debris, can eventually lead to mold growth and an unattractive appearance.

Let Us Seal the Deal!

By sealing the concrete or stone around your home you are protecting the material from penetrating salts, weathering, mold, moss, mildew, and algae that will inhabit and breakdown the composition of the material itself. Left unprotected, the lifespan of these surfaces will lose longevity. We use our superior Surface Sealer to achieve the desired results and put smiles on our customers faces bringing them all of their SEALING SOLUTIONS.

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